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What the REAL motivation is behind some of the major decisions Google makes as a company (it's not what they claim it to be)

How a system that was once the answer to every business owner's prayers can suddenly turn against the very hands that feed them (could they have sold out to a being of higher power?)

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That is decidedly not the case for those of you who read Simon Leung's newly released "The Death of Google AdWords" series.

I have been honored to know Si since before he ended his almost five years at Google where he was instrumental in the growth and formulation of the AdWords strategies and implementation.

Si and I have collaborated on AdWords projects and, frequently, found ourselves presenting at the same conferences. (We both just returned from one in Atlanta).

Take your opportunity now to see what elements and Google AdWords strategies are dead and discover the ways that you can resurrect your AdWords campaigns BEFORE they drive you into financial ruin or a state of total frustration!"

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"Simon's "The Death of Google AdWords" report is dead on and those who don't pay attention will wish they had. As a former Google employee who helped shape Google's current AdWords strategies, Simon then provides specific hands-on proven strategies to avoid the current minefields and to prosper in the times to come. Get the reports, study them and put them in action."
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